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In stone secular construction, in inhabited and palace constructions prevailed asymmetric and very picturesque an alignment. Difficult organisms, such as palaces – Kolyma Kremlin Ivan III and others consisted of a number of simple volumes – the chambers connected by transitions and galleries in what it is necessary to see impact of wooden constructions besides.

Anyway, in today ancient belief of our ancestors (different tribes) it is similar to scraps of ancient laces which forgotten pattern should be restored in scraps. Still nobody restored a full picture of Slavic pagan myths though there are many serious researches.

The main ceremonial food of holidays of this cycle was, a porridge sort from boiled grains, – the vegetable dish which appeared when people were not able to grind grain yet and to bake bread. Pancakes were the main course of Maslenitsa. They undoubtedly later origin and the ruddy yellow-red color and a round form symbolize the sun "arising" in the spring.