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We are especially strongly shown effect of pine forest on izvestkovanny soils. Boric fertilizers bring in the soil (pine forest superphosphate, pine forest magnesian fertilizer, boric acids, process them seeds, use for not root podkormok. They increase productivity of grain of corn on 4 - 7 c/hectare, and green materials on 40 - 80 c/hectare. As manganese fertilizers apply marganizirovanny superphosphate and sulfate manganese. The corn often needs zinc fertilizers on sandy soils with the reaction close to the neutral. The need of corn for zinc increases at the raised doses of mineral fertilizers. As fertilizers bring sulfate zinc, zinc polymicrofertilizer. Copper fertilizers are effective on peat soils.

The corn acquires many nutrients. On creation of 1 c of grain with the corresponding number of listostebelny weight it consumes on average 2,4-3 kg of nitrogen, 1-1,2 phosphorus and 2,5-3 kg of potassium. At productivity of grain of 50-60 c/hectare or green material of 500-600 c/g this culture absorbs from the soil about 150-180 kg N 60-70 P2O5 and 160-190 kg of K2O; more than a half of all nutrients is acquired from the soil in the second half of vegetation. The system of fertilizer of corn includes the main fertilizer which is introduced in the fall or in the spring before crops, priposevny (locally and top dressing during vegetation.

On the basis of big experimental material, experience of the advanced farms by the best predecessors of corn the following is considered: winter crops, grain bean and melon crops, a root - and tuber crops.

In the spring, at approach of physical ripeness of the soil, carry out alignment of a ploughland drag harrows or VP-8 equalizers at an angle 45 ° to the direction of plowing (at heavy particle size distribution of the soil carry out work in two directions).

It is expedient to introduce nitric fertilizers fractionally: 50 - Them to give 60% in the spring before processing of the soil, and other quantity - in top dressing. It is begun in a phase of educations at corn of 4-6 leaves. Fertilizers bring cultivators - a plant feeders in a damp layer of earth. In all

According to all-union scientific research institute of corn, when spraying plants in 10-15 days after the end of blossoming by 30% solution of urea at the rate of 45 kg/hectare of of century of nitrogen the maintenance of a crude protein in green material in a phase of dairy and wax ripeness increased on average by 22%.

The constant plowed land on one depth conducts to formation of a plow sole. The condensed layer complicates penetration of roots of corn into deeper horizons, detains water and worsens food conditions. Therefore in a crop rotation it is necessary to apply allopelagic plowing taking into account biological features of the cultivated cultures.