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No other source, except the biosphere and its resources, for maintenance of life exists. Now our economy in the biosphere represents special system of synthesis and decomposition of substance, and the person assumed functions only of synthesis (production), and functions of decomposition provided to the nature, hoping for its assimilating capacity. But the considerable part of the made substances is alien to the nature and does not give in to decomposition, besides the assimilating biosphere capacity, is undoubtedly settled.

Use of renewable resources, such as the wood and the food, demands attention. To preserve the soil and to provide enough forest products for satisfaction of demand in the future, the firms which are engaged in lesorazrabotka have to restore plantings on the cut-down squares. Provisioning can become a large problem as the sizes of agricultural grounds are limited and more and more lands is taken away under housing construction and for commercial use.

15% of the population of Earth living in these countries (* gold one billion *), consume 1/3 fertilizers, 1/2 made in the world of energy, 2/3 all metals, a half of the food and more than 2/3 business wood.

Even in the presence of initial raw materials activity of the firms using scarce minerals can become complicated and demand much bigger expenses. And it will be hard to shift these costs for the consumer's shoulders probably. The firms which are engaged in research and prospecting works can partially remove sharpness of a problem, having opened new valuable sources of raw materials and having created new materials.

Market economy provides the maximum speed and efficiency of use of natural resources, so, and the fastest destruction of environment. And the developed countries have to assume the main share of fault for current situation. The EEC, the USA, Canada and Japan make more than 2/3 world gross products, provide 2/3 world trades, are the largest consumers of resources, especially power, and make 3/4 mass of global pollutants.

It is necessary to overcome a syndrome of plunder of the nature which was inherent in practically all developed countries and repeats with the frightening constancy in the countries which are promptly among * front lines *. And in the word * front lines * we put quotes because these countries come on ruins of own environment forward.

The main mistake of many researchers of this problem that they proceed from the assumption as if deformation of environment is certain * smooth * process though the nature usually shows existence of thresholds outside which – landslide processes of destruction. At what stage there are we today: this beginning of a way, pre-crisis state or already accident?

The biosphere, apparently, can compensate any indignations made by the person if consumption of primary biological production (photosynthesis) does not exceed 1% (a modern share of consumption by the person – 10%). Thus does not matter, whether 1% of sushi on which the biota, or 10% of sushi where distortion of a biota equals 10% is completely distorted is operated.