An Essay On Standards

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In accordance with general practice usually carry such detention to detention, "which it is made by employees of militia for the term of no more than three hours, and detainees are supported in the room on duty or other office. "*

Administratino-predupreditelnye measures act in the form of administrative restrictions (for example, introduction of quarantine at epidemics and an epizooty, etc.) or in the form of certain administrative actions concerning this or that category of the organizations and persons (for example, customs examination).

Measures of administrative coercion are applied to persons and bodies concerning which the subject of the administrative power is not higher as subordination and does not possess in relation to them the administrative power.

"Measures of moral influence. They are connected with the insignificant offenses made usually by people incidentally and which do not have any permanent antisocial installations. The prevention and a public censure concern to them.