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Burns II, III and IV degrees demand careful cleaning of a surrounding surface of an affected area (without damaging bubbles). In case of sticking of fabric to the burned site of skin it is forbidden to tear off it. Fabric is carefully cut off on border of a wound and the dry sterile bandage is applied.

At forearm fractures the hand of the victim is bent at right angle in an elbow joint. The wire (ladder) tire is imposed on an external surface of a forearm and shoulder so that one its end reached a brush, and another — a shoulder joint. To bandage the tire wide bandage on all length of a hand. It will provide an immovability of bones in a change place, and also in overlying (elbow) and underlying (luchezapyastny) joints. The hand is suspended on a kerchief a palm inside.

Our organism turns on mechanisms of regulation of body temperature in a heat and, first of all, physical thermal control. It is expressed in sweating strengthening, breath increase, expansion of vessels of skin and hypodermic cellulose that is necessary for increase in a thermolysis. At the person skin sharply reddens, dryness of mucous membranes, thirst is felt. At emergence of these first signs of the beginning overheat it is necessary to pass into a cool place, to take a shower, and the heatstroke will not occur.

At burns of 1 degree the sterile bandage is applied affected areas. If that it did not appear, it is possible to apply the bandage moistened with strong solution of margantsovokisly potassium or cologne, alcohol.

The sunstroke can happen if long to be bare-headed under the scorching sun beams. Signs of thermal or solar blows are very similar. For the last, besides a body overheat, also the burn — a consequence of impact of sunshine on skin is characteristic.

Burn can be got and at negligent attitude to the sun. Group in a campaign. The first day was given the extremely successful: in the sky cloudlets, the sun shines, the easy and pleasant breeze blows. Children did not keep, took off jackets, shirts, undershirts. And it is difficult to fall asleep in the evening, skin reddened and burns, the slightest touch to it causes intolerable pain.

In this case it is necessary to moisten a napkin, a pure rag with alcohol or cologne and to put to the burned place. It is good to grease also zhzheny places with fat or cream. After burns victims have to walk some days in shirts.

Otherwise there are a headache, short wind, heartbeat, weight in the pit of the stomach, nausea, vomiting, weakness, noise in ears, flashing of front sights before eyes, violation of color sensation. The person can faint. Skin becomes pale, lips become blue, frequent pulse, uneven breath is observed. In hard cases heart and breath can stop.

The heatstroke — is result of the general overheating of an organism. Often the heatstroke is followed by loss of consciousness. It can be received and in seats of fire, on production in hot shops if there is no ventilation, in long campaigns in hot time. Overheating is promoted also by too dense, badly passing air clothes.

Frostbites, as a rule, arise under the influence of low temperature, however and at a temperature over zero, especially in wet windy weather they are also frequent. There are frostbites of brushes, the person and ears more often.

For a deep burn the bubbles on the reddened skin filled with yellowish liquid are characteristic. Do not try to open them. The place covered with small bubbles should be covered with a dry sterile bandage and immediately to address to the doctor.

In case before arrival of health workers breath and warm activity of the victim managed to be restored, impose a dry sterile bandage on an affected area of his body. At a small burn use usual bandage, at extended — pure sheets or fabric.

Unlimited stay on the sun, especially in windless weather at high humidity, can lead to overheating of an organism. As a result of violation of balance between amount of heat received by an organism from the outside and its return in environment arises thermal or a sunstroke.