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The shop of gardening is the main branch of economy. The main direction — production of fruits and berries, and also plantings of fruit and berry character, matochnik, leaving and a laying of long-term plantings.

The institute carries out broad implementation activity, as on commercial, and on a grant basis on development, both results of the researches, and the best practices and information of domestic and foreign gardening on all directions – the production technology of apples, wild strawberry, blackcurrant, a pear, cherry and fruits of other cultures, storage, mechanization, first of all in the basic farms.

Production of saplings of blackcurrant was also higher than the planned. 60,5 thousand pieces of saplings at the plan of 50 thousand are received. All landing material is completely realized in the fall. The priming of the young fructifying gardens against mice is carried out, 25 hectares of gardens are cut off. The agricultural machinery is under repair, the pump station for watering of wild strawberry, the spare part to plodovoza, the DT-7 tractor is acquired

The big space is occupied by plantings of currant the most part from which borrows black, but also is grown up red, white and golden. Generally currant is grown up and made multiple copies for realization to the population and the organizations of landing material. There is a big collection of grades.

As a result of 3 years' researches the institute developed preliminary complex production schedules on production of high-quality stocks for highly profitable slaborosly gardens of an apple-tree which can be applied under production conditions.