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Why I don't talk to create a thesis statement

The following step – branches under cycles – house-building, ship-building, tselulozno-paper, etc. Each such branch considers only one sequence of productions which uses one type of initial raw materials: the house-building – a sawlog, tselulozno-paper – balances, etc.

Thus, in each case the power production cycle (or its branches) will unite all those productions which it is necessary and it is expedient to develop in the concrete area when processing of the considered type of raw materials.

Branches of EPTs develop on the basis of a combination of one type of raw materials (or one component of complex raw materials) and the certain type of energy peculiar to the main process at production of one type of a ready-made product. It is characterized by one sequence of productions, including the production or production of raw materials, processing of waste, processes necessary for service of the main.